Kodak Rebrand

Kodak’s current visual identity uses generic stock imagery to represent their brand. Since Kodak is a brand based around the sole concept of the image, it is vital that the photography used represents their essence and values. For a complete revitalization of the Kodak brand it is necessary that the imagery used within the brand campaigns represents the true integrity of the brand.

In order to implement this concept, the new Kodak brand would use photography submitted by their own customers. This would give Kodak a refreshing, personal visual identity and set itself apart from its competition.

For the final logo, the design has been simplified to resemble a camera frame. Everyday life is viewed through a frame, and the concept allows Kodak customers to choose the way they decide to frame their lives. With the photo inside the frame constantly evolving, it resembles the essence of the Kodak as they are constantly evolving with their customers. The final logo design is personal, honest, and represents the original Kodak roots of capturing beautiful moments.